May 10th Presentation

Impressionistic Photography: How to Use Your Camera as a Paintbrush

Presenter:  Charles Needle

Charles Needle.jpg

Unlock your creative potential and discover how to craft impressionistic-looking photographs using nothing but your digital camera or smartphone.  Charles will describe the process of using long-exposure and multiple-exposure techniques to transform everyday scenes into unimaginable visual masterpieces.  His program will begin with a short inspirational slide show, followed by a nuts-and-bolts approach to learning techniques such as, Long-Exposure Pan/Tilt, "Multiple-Exposure Monet” (a technique Charles invented), Multiple-Exposure Rotate & Zoom, Soft-Glow Montage and Composite Montage.  He will also explain how to use a free script in Photoshop to accomplish this same look, if your camera does not have built-in multiple-exposure capability.  You’ll learn how to see in new ways and take your photography to an entirely new, mind-blowing level!