2021 Glennie Memorial Nature Awards

The 2021 Glennie Memorial Nature Awards were announced and the following members were recognized:

Jeff Coyle received two Merit Awards for "Cold Canmore" and "Red Calm."

Cold Canmore by JCoyle.jpg
Red Calm JCoyle.jpg

Juergen Thiessen received a Merit Award for "This is my Territory."

This is My Territory - Juergen Thiessen.

Joan Eckhardt received two Acceptance for "Golden Hour" and "Dueling Assassin Bugs."

Golden Hour-Joan Eckhardt.jpg
Dueling Assassin Bugs by Joan Eckhardt.j

Al Heacox received an Accepance for "High Tide at Sunset on Hunting Island."

High Tide at Sunset Hunting Is.jpg

Sandy Dimke received two Acceptance for "Leopard Capturing Guinea Hen" and ""Letting the Kits Carry Home Supper."

Leopard capturing Guinea Hen.jpg
Letting the Kits carry home supper.jpg