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Exhibition Guidelines set for

PCoB Photographers


Due to the recent disruptions, facility closures associated with Coronavirus Pandemic, this year's Exhibit became an Online Digital Display 

commencing May 15, 2021.


The theme of the annual exhibit is REFLEXION and ALL photos will share the same title. The challenge for the photographer was to create an image that fits within the following definition:

  • The act of reflecting or or the state of being reflected.

  • Something, such as light, radiant heat, sound, or an image, that is reflected.

  • Serious thinking or careful consideration: engaged in reflection on the problem.

  • A thought or an opinion resulting from such thinking or consideration: wrote down her reflections.

  • An indirect expression of censure or discredit: a reflection on his integrity.

  • A manifestation or result: Her achievements are a reflection of her courage.


  • The folding of a membrane from the wall of a cavity over an organ and back to the wall.

  • The folds so made.


For those who may not be familiar with website images, images may be enlarges to view by clicking on an individual image. This will enlarge and allow you to manually advance through the Exhibit Collection. Enjoy!



  • Exhibit was open to all dues-paying members

  • A member may submit up to two images.



  • Images must have been taken after January 1, 2019, when the theme was announced

  • Images must evoke the exhibit theme - LIFE

  • Images may be in color or monochrome

  • Images will be Digital

  • A discrete watermark may be used



  • If you would like feedback on your image, contact Exhibit Chair Joan Eckhardt

  • All exhibit viewers will be invited to vote for a “People’s Choice” award



Wright, Barry_Savannah Chacma Baboon
Smith, J Lanning_Puddled Faith
McCully,Ruth_Savannah Riverfront Reflect
Schade, Sophia-Good morning
Smith, J Lanning_Faithful Reflections Th
Schade, Sophia-I see you2
Norwood, Karen_Pippi Wrongstockings
Norwood, Karen_Donnelley's Early Light
McCully,Ruth_Aging Onion-1
Marti_Jane_ Swamp Beauty (1 of 1)
Matheny Rich-Reflecting on the Day (1 of
Matheny Rich-Reflecting Green on Blue (1
Keith, Pam-Lilly Lilly
Hunt, Gregg_Enchanted Web
Keith, Pam-Dahling
Hunt, Gregg_Ancient Cypress
Heacox,Al_Reflection in Gold
Heacox, Al_Sun Stars
Eckhardt, Joan-Double Take-16x20-3163
Eckhardt, Joan-Feather Afloat-16x20-3
Eckhardt, Dick-Golden Eyes-2
Dimke, Sandy-Sunflower Reflected
Brady, Tom-Reflections (2)
Coyle, Jeff_I Recommend the Veal
Dimke, Sandy-Charleston Church Reflected
Coyle, Jeff_Cypress Dawn
Bass, Rebecca_Shrimp Boats in Fog at Daw
Bass, Rebecca_Winter Sunset on Hunting I

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